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Since our founding in 2008, we have always focused on a garage that meets both functional and budgetary needs. Let us build your garage.

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Serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, & Beaumont

A garage isn't just a garage: it's a permanent addition to your home that should be made with the same care and quality. With Go-Custom Builders, you can expect hands-on service and a finished garage that meets your needs and budget. We've been building Edmonton great garages since 2008.

What to Expect

  • Custom Design Tailored to Your Needs

    Whether your basement will be living space or a home gym, we'll ensure it happens.

  • 100% Inclusive Project Pricing

    From design down to permits, we handle every detail. Your project is as "set and forget" as it gets!

Two Options

  • Pre-Designed Garage Package

    Our pre-designed packages offer homeowners an affordable and feature-rich garage.

  • Go-Custom Garage

    Whether you want a built-in car lift, extra storage, or suite built in the attic, we're ready when you are.

Why Us?

  • Simple & No-Nonsense Projects

    We don't believe in hoopla or making things more difficult than they need to be.

  • On-Time & On-Budget

    Budget overruns and projects that drag on forever aren't how we like to do business.

Garages We've Built
We love showing off completed projects.

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Our 5-Step Development Process

We learned early on how important process is. The secret to our success is that we meticulously follow our tried and proven 5-step process for each garage build we take on.

Detached Triple Car Garage Detached Triple Car Garage

  • Design Consultation & Iteration

    Where possible, we save time and money by leveraging our pre-existing single and double-car detached garage designs. We work with you to design a garage that ticks the aesthetic and functional boxes while remaining value-focused.

  • Paperwork & Permits

    As experienced and certified contractors, we know engineering and municipal codes and requirements. We also work extensively with local governments to ensure that the permit process is as simple and hassle-free as possible. We own the entire process, ensuring minimal hassle and adherence to quoted timelines.

  • Active On-Site Management

    Once the project is formally underway, you can expect to see us on-site often! Not only will our trades be on-site completing their work, but our project managers will be as well.

  • Project Check-Ins & Milestones

    Experience has taught us the importance of regular check-ins with respect to progress and workmanship. We define milestones throughout the duration of the project to ensure our quality standards are met.

  • Post-Completion Inspection

    Together, we perform a thorough inspection of your new garage. Any deficiencies are called out and organized so they can be addressed. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Standard Features, Upgrades, Warranty, & More

What's Included


Warranty Information

We provide a 1 year warranty on workmanship, and materials carry the balance of the manufacturers warranty.

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